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mechWhen section of your lawn are being overtaken by moss, it usually means the soil fertility is low, the pH is low, and the overall environment is damp and cool.
To replace moss with grass you need to do only one thing:
Change conditions sufficiently so that moss is discouraged from growing and grass is encouraged, but this will include raising pH level, adding fertiliser, improving air circulation and light penetration, removing thatch if present and raking out the moss.
Is this too much for you? Call your local Weedman for help! We will exanimate the site for you for FREE and decide which of the above steps are required.

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Happy Holidays :)

17 December 2013

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Stunted roots and weak grass?

10 April 2013

Solution = Aeration Compaction naturally occurs over time. Foot traffic, mowing, heavy rain, and parked vehicles all conspire to mash down your soil, compressing the top 2-3 inches into a dense, hard layer that seriously restricts the free movement of air, nutrients and water. The result: stunted roots and weak grass. Many lawns, particularly heavily […]

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Time for some real lawn work!

20 March 2013

However well we think we plan, nature has a way of challenging us.  If Weed Man didn’t look after your lawn in 2012 perhaps now is the time you should search us out.  If we were able to help you last year then you will be on our list: if we haven’t been in touch […]

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Spring has Sprung – let’s get going!

5 March 2013

According to some definitions, spring starts on 1st March and ends on 31st May. So, spring has sprung! That means there is no time to lose if you want a lovely lust green lawn this year. There are lots of free tips, guides and other sources of help on this web site but that doesn’t […]

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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

1 October 2012

Most times your grass can survive a cold winter. The grass plants in a home lawn are living organisms that need to be properly cared for all year round. Autumn is when the grass plant begins to prepare itself for winter, and next summer. Autumn maintenance practices are important in building up the plant’s tolerance […]

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16 July 2012

TOO MUCH RAIN Have you ever found that you can have too much of a god thing?  As with a small child and a large birthday cake, so it is this year with your lawn and our summer rainfall!  Do you remember all those drought restrictions earlier in the year?  Last winter had been too […]

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Heavy Rain Warnings for England

12 June 2012

Severe weather warnings and flood alerts are in place across England and as climate patterns change, heavier rainfall and erratic weather conditions are expected to continue causing considerable damage to our gardens. Waterlogged and compacted soil are one of the many problems to solve.   Adverse Effects of Compaction restriction of grass root penetration lack of oxygen circulation […]

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Get your mower ready for the spring NOW!

6 February 2012

It’s time to get your lawn mower up to par because spring is just around the corner. While the lawn mower is one of the most used machines in your shed or garage, it’s important to perform routine maintenance on all lawn equipment to extend your product’s life cycle and avoid breakdowns. As with any […]

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Warning: Is your lawn looking “odd”?

9 January 2012

If so:     Does it have a darkened, water – soaked appearance?              Can you see any orange–brown circular spots?              Are the spots even and increasing in size?  If you can say yes to two out of three of these questions, your lawn may have Fusarium Patch. Fusarium Patch is the most common lawn disease […]

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Sin embargo, eso …

13 January 2021

entregar facturas aprobadas que recrearían más control en el juego en línea y los gastos asociados. Sin embargo, los estados y municipios son en su mayoría capaces de gobernar los casinos en línea como mejor les parezca.. Muchas celebridades de alta visibilidad nacieron atrapadas en la red de manera picante en las actividades de juegos […]

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6 January 2021

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How to Find the Best Online Casinos in Canada318

24 November 2020

How to Find the Best Online Casinos in Canada If you are an avid casino player and casino wiz who love to win big, then you definitely want to find out more about the best online casinos. After all, when you play internet casino slots, you want to be sure that you are playing games […]

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Hear or Chairman at The Business show

31 May 2013

Weed Man was set up on ethical principles based on providing good customer service and making money from delivering value for money. When the Weed Man franchise was created the same principles applied with the aim of making sure that the Weed Man franchisees were treated well and benefitted from their efforts and investments. To […]

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