Heavy Rain Warnings for England

12 June 2012

Severe weather warnings and flood alerts are in place across England and as climate patterns change, heavier rainfall and erratic weather conditions are expected to continue causing considerable damage to our gardens. Waterlogged and compacted soil are one of the many problems to solve.   Adverse Effects of Compaction restriction of grass root penetration lack of oxygen circulation […]

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Get your mower ready for the spring NOW!

6 February 2012

It’s time to get your lawn mower up to par because spring is just around the corner. While the lawn mower is one of the most used machines in your shed or garage, it’s important to perform routine maintenance on all lawn equipment to extend your product’s life cycle and avoid breakdowns. As with any […]

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Warning: Is your lawn looking “odd”?

9 January 2012

If so:     Does it have a darkened, water – soaked appearance?              Can you see any orange–brown circular spots?              Are the spots even and increasing in size?  If you can say yes to two out of three of these questions, your lawn may have Fusarium Patch. Fusarium Patch is the most common lawn disease […]

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