Heavy Rain Warnings for England

by Alex on 12 June 2012

Severe weather warnings and flood alerts are in place across England and as climate patterns change, heavier rainfall and erratic weather conditions are expected to continue causing considerable damage to our gardens.

Waterlogged and compacted soil are one of the many problems to solve.  

Adverse Effects of Compaction

  • restriction of grass root penetration
  • lack of oxygen circulation
  • lack of soil ability to diffuse CO2 (produced by root respiration) which is toxic to the plant
  • limits nutrient uptake by roots
  • reduce infiltration of moisture
  • increase casual water and run-off

Solution = Aeration

Aeration is the penetration of the soil profile, resulting in soil air being replaced by air from the atmosphere. This helps to improve drainage encourages deeper rooting of grasses. Intensively maintained lawns should be aerated once a year; those with moderate maintenance, every two years. Lawns with heavily compacted soil or severe thatch problems may need twice-yearly aeration. Best time for aeration is Spring and/or Autumn.

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