Why Lawn Care

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Positive Force for the Environment

Cooling: healthy lawns cool air at ground level.  They have been called “exterior air-conditioners” based on a study that found that, if healthy, the average sized lawn had a cooling effect equivalent to that needed to cool two average sized houses!  They are much more effective at maintaining cool ground level air temperatures than bare soil and even better when compared to paved driveways.

Cleaning: properly maintained shrubs, plants and lawns are environmental heroes. Dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are trapped by turf, which helps keep the air cleaner. Because of their filtering capability, plants prevent soil erosion, filter contaminants from rainwater, and absorb dust and soot. Groundwater is enhanced in two ways by a dense lawn:

  • healthy lawns increase infiltration of water
  • healthy lawns clean the water as it passes so that underground water supplies are recharged for use by us all

Reducing Noise: landscaping can reduce noise by up to 50 percent. Quiet, grassed areas affect people’s moods, thus creating feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness and happiness (or sadness, depending on our association with their use…home lawn, roadside rest area, city park, golf course or memorial park).

Quality of Life: horticulture is therapeutic and improves the quality of life. Millions of Britain’s spend countless hours enjoying their lawn and tending to their flowers and gardens. Studies illustrate that hospital patients whose rooms overlook landscapes recover faster and require less pain medication than those lying in a sterile urban environment. Yearly cycles of nature produce changes in the color of lawns, which are among the first areas to green up in the spring. This brings a lift to human spirits and links urban inhabitants with a symbol of the countryside and its heritage.

Increasing Air Quality: oxygen generation by lawns has a major impact in making our environment habitable and healthy. Every 50 square metres of healthy lawn is said to produce enough oxygen for one adult – on this basis the 15 million+ lawns in the UK could support over half the UK population if they were kept green and healthy – one reason for making good use of Weed Man! 

Preventing Erosion: heavy rain and flooding can erode soil.  One of the most cost effective ways of limiting potential soil erosion is to plant grass.  The grass in your lawn intercepts raindrops and reduces their impact on the soil surface thereby preventing soil erosion.  Should flooding occur, a grass surface will prevent slow flowing water from picking up and transporting soil particles, thereby conserving a valuable local soil resource.  When watering your garden, especially your lawn, remember that over-watering is potentially a much bigger problem than under-watering.  Where this is practicable, an automatic irrigation system can be designed to make the most efficient possible use of available water.

Preventing Injury: sports playing surfaces are made safer when grassed with sure footing and cushioning sod, which adds to the quality of play. Volleyball, badminton, croquet, cricket and other games are enjoyed by young and old on grassed areas. No other surface material feels as good on bare feet or is as good for playing games and even turning somersaults.

Grass Recycling: when grass clippings are returned to the lawn after cutting, they release valuable nutrients to the lawn, and supply organic matter that improves the soil and will reduce the amount of refuse that is sent to the landfill sites.

Increasing Home Value: a well maintained garden with a well presented lawn can add significantly to the value of your property and will make it more saleable, perhaps accelerating a sale by several weeks.  The presentation of the lawn can “lift” the appearance of the whole garden and so improve a potential purchaser’s impression of your house’s “outside space”.  In a difficult housing market homeowners who wish to move can not afford to miss any opportunity to “dress” their home for sale.  Weed man can be trusted to make the most of your lawn and so help you add value to your home.

Freedom: from the frustration and uncertainty you experience when diagnosing lawn problems, selecting products to buy, deciding when to apply them and at what safe and effective rate, and from organising and co-ordinating the application of different treatments season upon season.

Convenience: of not having to do the work yourselves. You won’t have to work with clumsy equipment, or bother with confusing chemical mixtures.

Spending: the same amount as it would cost you for just the products, without including your time. (Assuming same number of applications is done).

Satisfaction: 0f an attractive, good looking lawn that is thick, green and weed free, with the time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

Delegation  – to professional lawn carers

Of all those tasks, some of which may not be familiar, plus the overall responsibility for getting these in the right order and then for actually doing the work at the right time with allowance for unexpected variations in the weather.  Responsibility does not stop there because there may be problems that you don’t pick up on as well as more obvious lawn problems like weeds, insects, thin lawn, brown patches and the like.  This is why you might want to trust the professionals at Weed Man.

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