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How We Operate …

1. What do you do?  

Weed Man treat lawns by encouraging the growth of the right grasses and by discouraging other plants and weeds from spoiling the appearance and usefulness of the lawn that you want for your friends’, family’s and your own pleasure and enjoyment.

2. Who do you do this for? 

Anyone who owns or is responsible for a property with a lawn needing improvement or maintenance – business owners as well as home owners – Weed Man work extensively in the residential market as well in various commercial markets such as small businesses, landlords and flat management companies, where they provide high levels of service and value.

3. Where do you operate?

Weed Man’s services are available in all areas where they have exclusively appointed a dealer to provide our range of services: please see contact page on our website or apply for your free healthy lawn analysis.

4. How often do you visit?  

Weed Man agree a lawn care programme of treatments with you and schedules these, in sequence, at appropriate times of the year: you are kept regularly in touch with what he does for you and he will contact you in advance as required: he will probably work on your lawn every other month during the growing season but, given 48 hours notice, is always available to visit.

5. How much does a treatment cost? 

Anything from £15 (inc. VAT) upwards but Weed Man provide and charge for your lawn care programme overall. Weed Man’s guarantee that you will end up satisfied means that you will be invoiced what you agreed.

6. How can I pay? 

Weed Man accept cheques, major debit/credit cards, standing orders or, if you insist, cash.

7. Do I have to pay all in one go? 

If you offer you may find your local Weed Man will give you an attractive discount for paying in advance for your lawn treatment programme: but you can part pay in stages or in equal instalments, or you can pay on an invoice basis without a charge for 30 day credit, as long as you agree this in advance with your local Weed Man: the choice is yours.

8. Do I have to sign a contract?

No:  Weed Man will take you at your word and trust you to raise any questions or difficulties that might affect what has been agreed previously between you.

9. How can it really cost less than my doing it myself?

Weed Man’s proprietary lawn treatment products are formulated to be both effective and best possible value: they are purchased on a trade basis and in bulk, applied exactly at the rate specified using regularly calibrated specialist lawn care equipment, in the most efficient possible way: there is no wastage, no excess applied or left over, no mistakes, no inferior DIY store equipment underutilised and taking up shed room.

10. When is the best time to start the service? 

 There is no “best time” as once the right lawn care programme has been established it makes sense to start it straight away, of course making due allowance for the time of year: each season has its own priorities, obviously with least opportunity for progress in the winter months.

11. Should I try the service even thought I think my lawn is beyond saving? 

Probably yes, but only if your local Weed Man has inspected your lawn and discussed and agreed with you a renovation programme that offers better value than either re-turfing or some alternative landscape solution: grass is always a significantly less costly way of covering your outside space.

12. Do I need to be at home when you visit? 

No: as long as you have arranged necessary access with your local Weed Man and ensured that they have been made aware of your requirements for the protection of your family, any visitors, any pets and of course the security of your property.

13. How will I know when you have been?

Easy: there will be a Weed Man sign on your lawn and a lawn condition report (and perhaps an invoice) in a watertight bag either on your doorstep or in your letterbox.

14. How quickly will I see results?  

Usually in 1 – 2 weeks when the lawn has been fed or a weed control treatment applied, sometimes less: obviously straightaway after aeration, scarification, top dressing or similar treatments.

15. What if your treatments don’t work? 

If your local Weed Man agrees that a treatment has not worked, probably because of bad weather but perhaps for other reasons, then it will be re-applied/re-treated free of charge: if you have failed to follow watering or other instructions we simply ask that you take this into account and offer what you think is a fair payment in the circumstances.

16. What if I already have a Gardener?

Weed Man are always pleased to work alongside competent gardeners to supplement the work they are committed to do for their customers: Weed Man ask householders to make sure that their gardener is fully aware of all the services that they have been asked to provide.

Technical and Safety Questions …

17.  Does Weed Man have a license to treat lawns?

If asked, your local Weed Man will be able to show you a card that confirms his personal competence (his staff are able to do the same).

18.  Are your staff qualified?  

All Weed Men and Weed Man staff are fully trained to all relevant current UK standards of knowledge and competence in lawn-care.

19.  How often should I mow my lawn and at what heights?

This varies with the time of year and type of the grass: your local Weed man will be pleased to help you: also see Contact section of our website and/or the mowing tips customer fact sheet in the Resources section.

20.  Do you give advice on lawn mowers and mowing?  

Your local Weed Man may be able to give specific help and advice and will certainly be willing to refer you to a reliable local specialist (see also our website – as in 19 above)

21.  Do you mow lawns? 

No: but your local Weed Man will be able to introduce a reliable local mowing service and, if you want him to, will schedule mowing in with the other services provided in your lawn care programme.

22.  How do I fit mowing in with weed control?

If possible, mow at least two days before your Weed Man visits, otherwise three or more days afterwards.

23.  If I cut my lawn after you have done a weed control can I put the grass cuttings onto my compost heap?  

Yes but you should start a separate compost heap if you plan to use your compost within 3 months:  the heat generated by properly managed composting accelerates breakdown of pesticide residues: if you are unsure about your management of the composting process allow 6 months.

24.  Do I have to water the lawn after you have treated it?

Following fertilisation or seeding if there has been no appreciable rainfall then yes: also see Contact section of our website to get in touch with your local Weed Man and/or the watering instructions customer fact sheet in the Resources section, otherwise not, unless your Weed Man ask you.

25.  I don’t want to have to water my lawn when there is a water shortage: will that spoil your treatment programme?  

When rainfall is scarce, and always under formal drought conditions, Weed Man adjusts and re-schedules outstanding treatments to take account of the situation on your lawn: also see Contact section of our website to get in touch with your local Weed Man and/or the Drought (watering instruction) fact sheet in the Resources section.

26.  Do your treatments kill moss as well as weeds? 

Weed Man specialise in treating moss problems as they are so widespread in the UK: it is always better to seek advice specific to your own lawn and its surroundings, see Contact section of our website to get in touch with your local Weed Man and/or the Moss fact sheet in the Resources section..

27.  Can my children play on the lawn after you have been?

Weed Man always advise a degree of caution because children, especially young children, may not always do as they are told: if weed control has been applied we suggest you wait at least 24 hours and, although this is not necessary after the lawn has been fed, we suggest customers keep always children off the lawn for at least 24 hours after all applications: obviously this is not the case after mechanical treatments.

28.  I have a dog: how soon after you have been can I let it go up the garden?

If Weed Man has applied fertiliser or a mechanical treatment there is no cause for worry: only after Weed Control should you keep your dog inside for 1 – 2 hours or until the treatment has dried off.  If you have specific concerns please raise these with your local Weed Man who will schedule his visit to address these.

29.  I have a cat: do I have to keep it in when I know you are coming? 

No: unless you have asked for a Weed Control treatment in which case see 29 above.

30.  I like to feed the birds: will your treatments affect them? 

Weed Man are not aware of any specific problems arising from use of their products that my affect garden birds: if you are concerned about young birds likely to be around in Spring then we suggest you ask your local Weed Man to re-schedule your Weed Control.

31.  I am growing spring bulbs in my lawn: will your treatments affect them?  

Weed Man do not use general weed killers, only those specific to the Weeds that are of concern to you: spring bulbs continue to develop when many grasses and weeds are dormant and when Weed Man uses low nitrogen fertiliser for this and other reasons.

32.  I am worried about the idea of using pesticides near to my prize (roses): will they come to any harm?  

No: Weed Man’s qualified technicians apply very dilute pesticide using precise equipment when conditions do not cause spray drift.

33. What happens to the products you put on my lawn after they have done their job?  

The thatch layer of your lawn (see customer fact sheet in Resources section of our website and the upper layers of the underlying soil, which is rich in organic matter, hold fertilisers and pesticide residues whilst surrounding plants (mostly grasses) extract nutrients and other available substances: the stable (rooted) grass cover tends to hold moisture and counteracts rainwater “run off” (leaching) as well as drainage through the soil surface, thereby enabling our products to have maximum possible effectiveness, in particular those coated fertilisers that work on a “slow release” principle over several weeks.

34.  Are the products you use really as safe as you say? 

Yes, they are rated “non-toxic” or “practically non-toxic”, with pesticides being as dilute as possible:  we are committed to the health and safety of all our employees and to assuring their technical competence working day in and day out with all our products and so we take no risks with them as our employees have the most exposure: the products and the methods of application that Weed Man use have been much studied over decades and have been found to be safe by regulatory authorities and research institutes as well as by “the trade” in practice.

35.  Isn’t it better to use organic feeds and weed control methods?  

Not necessarily, if these alternatives do not work reliably or provide value for money: neither can we assume that “organic” = “good” as there are, for example, plenty of naturally occurring carcinogens: however through our “Nature’s Touch” product range Weed Man are already well advanced in their development of wholly organic lawn treatments. In the UK Weed Man continue to work with a leading UK horticultural institution to identify effective organic alternatives to conventional lawn treatments based on chemicals or other synthetic products.  Watch this space!

36.  Will the products you use pollute the water table? 

No: because we only apply Weed Man products using properly trained and equipped personnel, thereby avoiding the risks inherent in their domestic or other non-professional use, and ensuring that there is no chance of any pollution: the answers to questions 34 and 35 give other background reasons.

My question is not in your list: how can I get an answer?  

Please e-mail us your question on or get in touch with your local Weed Man directly.  Otherwise please telephone our technical department using our head office phone number 0800 862 0050.

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