Q. Why Weed Man?

A. Who else will guarantee you a beautiful lawn?

 Why use Weed Man instead of another lawn service?

Weed Man has a rich 40-year history of offering excellent service. Your locally owned and operated Weed Man dealer uses quality products and equipment with a commitment to environmental responsibility. All our employees are certified for the work they perform and are trained by some of the finest horticultural colleges in the UK. Further, our well respected products and methods are applied for you by a local operator who has been recruited on the basis of his or her customer-oriented values.

… instead of a landscaper or mowing service?

The most healthy and finest looking lawns get the right products at the right time; and this requires a trained professional whose focus will not be interrupted at some critical time by a big mulch job, pond installation or other task at hand that is unrelated to your lawn care service.

 Does doing it yourself to save money?

We offer a tremendous value. Get a quote from us today – your  and you will see that you probably cannot even buy all the products that you need  for less than the cost of our service.

 Are you doing it yourself because you think you get better results than lawn services you have used in the past?

 We’re unlike services you’ve used in the past. Our commitment to your lawn is grounded in local ownership that has been recruited for its customer-oriented values and trained in the use of the best products and equipment for your lawn.

Why wait until next month or next year?

Dedicated to better lawn practice in your  local community, your Weed Man dealer is a friendly, knowledgeable professional committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. As such, we’re easy to deal with and our responsiveness is combined with honest communication to assure a convenient and to wait. Get a quote from us today and let us amaze you!


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