by Alex on 16 July 2012


Have you ever found that you can have too much of a god thing?  As with a small child and a large birthday cake, so it is this year with your lawn and our summer rainfall!  Do you remember all those drought restrictions earlier in the year?  Last winter had been too dry and this spring’s heat and lack of rainfall left most of us being fed pictures of empty reservoirs and suffering the inconvenience of a hosepipe ban.  Now we listen to our weather forecasters telling us that we are still on the wrong side of the Jetstream and should only expect to look forward to yet another cool week of wet, wet, wet – and they call that “summer”!

To the unprepared lawn owner this is all bad news – too much water on drought-weakened turf not only causes obvious immediate difficulties but stacks up problems for later in the year.  If you used to have a good looking lawn and are unsure what you should do next – this is when Weed Man can help you get your lawn back under control.  If you haven’t tried a professional lawn care service before, now is the time to ask Weed Man for help.  Check out www.weedman.co.uk to find out what treatments you need and where you can find a local Weed Man, fully trained to advise and do all the work that your lawn needs now – and in the future.

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