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The best partners for Weed Man Professionals are knowledgeable customers. For this reason we provide not only the services but also the information you need to keep your lawn healthy. Your lawn is a living and breathing organism that needs proper care and attention. We realise that most people want a lush-green, weed free lawn but are unsure of where to start; this is why at Weed Man we are committed to educating the consumer on proper cultural practices and all things that might affect your lawn. Please feel free to explore our ever expanding list of resources and tips, but remember that your local Weed Man is a trained professional with the answers you are looking for, furthermore our advice is free. Call today for the answers or request your Free Lawn Care Quote.

Bird’s foot Trefoil Creeping ButtercupDaisyDandelion –  Greater Plantains   PearlwortRibwort Plantain Speedwell –  White Clover Yarrow


Brown Patch Dollar Spot Fairy Ring Leaf Blight and Pythium Leaf Spot and Melting Out Necrotic Ring SpotPink Snow Mould and Fusarium Patch – Red Thread Rusts


AntsEuropean Chafer GrubsFrit FlyEuropean Crane Fly  –  Sod Webworms  – Wireworms


What is soil Soil properties Soil pH Soil compaction ThatchRoot zone and Lawn dressing Liming



Plant Nutrients What is fertiliser Factors affecting fertiliser input Fertiliser programme


When to water How Often to water How much to water –  Excessive watering and Watering during drought Water absorption



How Cutting Affects Grasses Mowing Height –  MowerSeasonal Considerations


Moss MolesDog Damage DroughtAerationScarification –  Lawn Repair  –  Winter Damage Seeding

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