Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

by Alex on 1 October 2012

Most times your grass can survive a cold winter. The grass plants in a home lawn are living organisms that need to be properly cared for all year round. Autumn is when the grass plant begins to prepare itself for winter, and next summer. Autumn maintenance practices are important in building up the plant’s tolerance to damaging temperature fluctuations, and disease organisms.  Thsi is the most crucial time to fertilise your lawn. It is during the last days of autumn that the grass plant slows its top growth and begins storing nutrients and sugars for the harsh months ahead. The storing process continues for as long as the plant is green. An autumn fertilisation is critical-this is the time when the plant is building reserves to maintain it’s health and thus determines the quality of next summer’s lawn. Potassium is essential part of this process.

The benefits of autumn aeration to the grass plant cannot be stressed enough. This service reduces soil compaction, excessive thatch, and provides a top dressing for the lawn. It is important to remove all large piles of debris  and leaves that cannot be mulched back into the lawn with your lawn mower. Lawn mower attachments are available that chop grass and leaves into tiny bits that provide a light top dressing which will supply nutrients to the soil as they breakdown. Large quantities of debris will not breakdown quickly, and so will damage the lawn by suffocating it, and by giving a moist home to damaging disease organisms. Please contact the office of you local Weed Man for more information.

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