Time for some real lawn work!

by Alex on 20 March 2013

However well we think we plan, nature has a way of challenging us.  If Weed Man didn’t look after your lawn in 2012 perhaps now is the time you should search us out.  If we were able to help you last year then you will be on our list: if we haven’t been in touch already we promise to call soon.  In 2013, more than ever before, householders need to ask Weed Man to look at what is happening to their lawns – and to help them out.

Some of us have seen a real winter, albeit nothing like 2010/11: others have not seen much snow at all and, if we did, it did not last.  Unfortunately in some areas the cold snap was not long enough to discourage grubs and insects.  As a result and we have early lawn pest problems, especially on sandy soils, and Weed Man are dealing with those.  If you see any signs of insect activity call Weed Man now: our fast response will pay dividends.

Most lawns have a much more serious long term problem and face a difficulty which shows little sign of easing: too much water. The result is seriously weakened root systems and “thin” lawns.  The evidence is interrupted and weak early growth, and an abundance of moss.  Other consequences are fungal infestations such as red thread and fusarium patch.  Weed Man is being called out to treat snow mould on lawns that have seen virtually no snow!  In all cases we are amending our care programmes: in 2013 very few lawns should be treated the same as they were last year.

Weed Man have many friends and loyal customers who like to work on their own lawns. We add our understanding of local soil conditions and weather patterns, plus our experience of what works well in their neighbourhood.  Weed Man products and services are designed to work effectively, even in difficult years – like 2013 promises to be.  For those who can’t devote all the time, effort or skill needed to care for your lawn, this year of all years, Weed Man is your ideal partner for lawn maintenance or improvement.

Time to CALL Weed Man!


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