Warning: Is your lawn looking “odd”?

by Alex on 9 January 2012

If so:     Does it have a darkened, water – soaked appearance?
             Can you see any orange–brown circular spots?
             Are the spots even and increasing in size?

 If you can say yes to two out of three of these questions, your lawn may have Fusarium Patch.

Fusarium Patch is the most common lawn disease in the UK.  It is caused by the fungus, Microdochium nivale. It can occur at any time of year, but it is most common, and damaging, during autumn and winter.                     It proliferates when weather is mild and moist, as is the case so far this year: so your lawn may be at medium to high risk now.

Fusarium Patch can become a devastating lawn disease.  It leaves brown patches which, if left untreated, become extensive and unsightly.  To make matters worse, unwanted Poa annua grass may invade these “scars” afterwards, producing an unattractive and less manageable substitute for the finer grasses it replaces.

When Weed Man’s lawn care programme is followed, and if the lawn surface is kept as dry as possible, Fusarium attack is less likely. Strong grass, good drainage and an open well ventilated surface, discourage invading Fusarium spores from becoming established.  This is why Weed Man provides additional “Winterisation” services for customers at risk.

If you think you might have Fusarium on your lawn, or are at risk of getting it, or would like more information, please call your local Weed Man.  Alternatively use the ‘contact us’ tab on www.weedman.co.uk and we will be pleased to answer your query.

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