Our Guarantee.

Our prime concern is the welfare of your lawn.                                                                      

We promise that the finest quality products will be applied to your lawn, by highly trained, experienced professionals.

Used in conjuction with proper watering and mowing procedures, our complete lawn care programme guarantees you a healthier, better looking lawn.  At the time of treatment we will tell you how soon you should expect to see an improvement – though that will depend on the weather conditions. If you are not entirely satisfied, we will visit you within 2 working days, to resolve the situation.  Simply call your local Weed Man.

Weed Man lawn care products and techniques comply with all current UK and EU legislations and regulations. In the event of changes to these regulations, products may be added, substituted or withdrawn.  A policy of continuous Research & Development means that formulations may be updated, to enhance performance, cost/effectiveness and environmental sensitivity.

Weed Man Brochure p1  Weed Man Brochure

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